FODMAPs in the News

Google’s annual ‘Year in Search’ trends have been published, and the year was highlighted by new and successful diets and foods.

The top food and diet searches saw two key strategies of web users: High-fat, low carb plans like the keto diet, and methods of restrictive eating like intermittent fasting.

Perennial diet heavyweights like Atkins and Weight Watchers didn’t make the list of top diet searches of 2018, but regimens like the low FODMAP diet, the carnivore diet, Optavia, and other up-and-coming diets did.

The Low FODMAP diet was arguably the go-to diet for people with constipation, bloating, gas, and diarrhea issues, and is comprised of two phases. Dieters heavily restrict FODMAP foods in the first phase, while in phase two they can start to reintroduce the exiled foods into their daily eating once their food intolerance is documented.

Visit Business Insider for the full top-10 list of the most searched diets of 2018.


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