Low FODMAP Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill


10 Min

10 Min

8 Servings

Description of Fody's Low FODMAP Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill

This low FODMAP pasta salad features corkscrew Fusilli pasta with fresh cherry tomatoes, cucumber and lots of fresh dill in addition to your choice of dressing: we suggest either Fody's Garden Herb or Caesar Low FODMAP Salad Dressing.

It couldn’t be easier to make - our only suggestion is to make it close to serving time, as it is best if the pasta has not been refrigerated. That said we know that do-ahead recipes are important for your busy life! If you make our low FODMAP pasta salad ahead and choose to store it overnight in the fridge, zap it very briefly in the microwave to soften up the pasta just a tad - not to warm it, just to bring it to a true room temperature.

And this is one of our go-to low FODMAP salads to bring to a party! Everyone loves it and you will know that you have something hearty to eat!

Low FODMAP Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill Ingredients

  • 12 ounces (340 g) Low FODMAP fusilli pasta, such as that made from rice flour
  • 1/2 pound (225 g) feta, drained and cubed
  • 1/2 dry pint cherry or grape tomatoes
  • 4 small Persian style cucumbers (9 to 10 ounces total/255 g to 280 g
  • 1/3 cup (about 20 g) finely chopped fresh dill
  • 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup (75 ml to 120 ml) of Fody's Low FODMAP Salad Dressing of choice, either Garden Herb or Caesar
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

Cooking Directions for Low FODMAP Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill

Bring a large pot of salt water to a boil and cook pasta until just al dente, about 10 minutes, but go by texture. Drain and rinse with cool water to stop the cooking immediately. Allow to cool.

Meanwhile, prep your veggies. Toss the feta into a large mixing bowl. Halve the tomatoes and add to the bowl. Cut off and discard the ends of the cucumbers, then cut then into approximately 1/3 inch (8 mm) rounds crosswise and add to the bowl. Add dill and the cooled pasta and fold everything together well. Add the smaller amount of salad dressing and fold in. Taste an adjust seasoning and add more dressing, if desired. Pasta salad is ready to serve. You can also refrigerate in an airtight container overnight; make sure to bring to room temperature before serving.

Tip: If you want to up the protein content, add some cubed, firm tofu to make this more of a main meal. Chunks of low FODMAP chicken or steamed shrimp work too!

About the Chef

Dédé Wilson

Dédé Wilson is the author of 17 cookbooks, including co-author of The Low FODMAP Diet: Step By Step.
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