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Forget the grand gestures and the major gifts, sometimes it’s the smallest things that make us the happiest during the holiday season. Everybody loves a good stocking-stuffer and Fody’s got some Christmas gift ideas to make yours memorable. Trust us, these little things won’t go unnoticed.

1. Sample Variety Low FODMAP Snacks Bars


For a little bit of everything and a punch of extra flavor, pack this low FODMAP snack bar sampler into your loved ones’ stockings this holiday season. These delicious little treats are a Fody favorite with 5-star reviews across the board.

Almond coconut, blueberry almond, dark chocolate nuts & sea salt, and peanut butter chocolate quinoa are all up for grabs; Try ‘em all or split ‘em up, either way you’ll be bound to find your personal fave among the four. Give the gift that’s full of flavor, packed with nutrition and a certified low FODMAP snack. If you’re lucky, you might even get a bite.

2. The Monash University FODMAP Diet App


This super handy app from the creators of the FODMAP diet themselves is a comprehensive guide that makes it easy to follow the low FODMAP diet without having to think twice. The app not only outlines what foods are okay and not okay to eat, it details exact portions too.  It does come with a $10.99 price tag, however, which deters some from making the purchase. Why not surprise them with this lovely little stocking stuffer- even if you can’t physically fit it into their stocking.

3. Low FODMAP Olive Oil

New_Fody_Garlic_Olive_OilFoodies and gourmands alike will rejoice at the idea of reaching into their Christmas stockings to find shallot- or garlic-infused low FODMAP olive oil on Christmas morning.

If they’re like everyone at Fody, they’re probably missing the irreplaceable flavors only garlic and onions can provide. As a usual IBS no-no, the loved ones in your life will be happy to know that one serving is Monash University low FODMAP-certified, which means they’ll be able to drizzle and pour to their heart’s delight without the nasty consequences onions and garlic typically result in.

4. A Microwavable Heating Pad

microwaveable-heating-padAside from unusual poops, IBS-sufferers often have to deal with a list of other unpleasant side effects related to irritable bowel syndrome. Something as simple as a heating pad can often help heal tummy and back soreness and relieve the symptoms quickly. These make a cute gift for everyone on your list, but they’re an extra thoughtful stocking stuffer for your loved ones that are suffering from IBS.

5. Kettle-Cooked BBQ Chips

FODY_Low_FODMAP_BBQ_ChipsIf you can squeeze them into your Christmas stockings, these low FODMAP kettle chips will be a welcome treat for the IBS sufferer in your life. They may feel like a small gesture, but for those of us with tummy troubles, a bag of kettle chips isn’t always an option. Fody’s low FODMAP kettle chips are gluten free, onion free and garlic free, so you can feel stress-free crunching down on this holiday treat.

Bonus: Fody Gift Card

For that picky eater on your list, sometimes it’s best to leave the choosing up to them. Give the gift of whatever they want with a Fody gift card that can be used on anything in the store!

Not convinced these gifts are for you? Lucky for you, we have a wide selection of low FODMAP stocking-worthy goodies on our site. Happy shopping!


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