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We admit, 2020 has been a weird one so far. Sometimes we look back at the last few months and we have no idea how we even got here! Either way, our favorite season just hit, and we’re feeling pretty optimistic about what’s to come. Fody friends, we’re inviting you to take advantage of the heat-wave and make the most of our favorite season- sans-FODMAPs.

1. Take Your Low FODMAP Diet To-Go... on a Summer Picnic


In the last couple of months, good ‘ole fashioned family fun (ie. bread baking and puzzle making) has been on a hardcore comeback. To add to the sentiment of old timey activities, nothing says summer like an *adorable* picnic basket and a full spread of low FODMAP snacks and sandwiches. All you need is a patch of freshly cut grass and your best quarantine buddy, and voila, instant mood boost! 

2. Set Up Camp in Your Own Backyard

If your local parks or campgrounds are still shut down, you can always play pretend by setting up camp in your own backyard. Later this Summer, we’ll be sharing tips on low FODMAP camping, but since you’ll be staying close to home, you can always sneak inside if you get too cold or grab a low FODMAP snack from your kitchen in the middle of the night. :P

3. Hit the Road for a Day (While Staying Safe)

Summer road trips can be a bit of a nerve-wracking concept for people with IBS, but as long as you pack, plan, prepare your own meals, and try to keep stress at bay, they can be lots of fun. Take in Fody’s tips for traveling with IBS, then hit the open road just like Thelma and Louise! (but maybe without the whole driving off a cliff thing).

4. Run a Virtual Marathon

Since our travel is a little limited this summer, why not take up the latest fitness trend: a virtual marathon! What is that, you ask? All you have to do is add up all the miles you’re running every day and find the race you wanted to run IRL. At the end of each run, you can compare where you are to a digital map and check out the virtual view. This may sound a little ridiculous, but trust us, it’s really catching on! Bonus tip: to avoid runners’ trots while on the road, try out our helpful tips for runners with IBS.

5. Host a Low FODMAP BBQ for Your Quarantine Circle


By playing host or hostess for your low FODMAP BBQ, you’ll be able to control what hits the table and make sure that everything is easy on your system, and enjoyable for everyone. Your social circle may be a little limited this summer, but hey… all that really means is more food for you. ;) 

How ever you want to live life to the fullest this summer, we support you! So get out there and enjoy yourself, we’ll be right here when you need us. 


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