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Your mom’s smart. She probably knows what you’re getting her for Mother’s Day before you do.

Flowers? Too predictable, and they’re dead in a couple of weeks. Cold hard cash? Useful, but not quite sentimental. Anti-wrinkle treatments? …this will be a long day.

What you can try instead is a throwback idea: making your mom a classic Mother’s Day brunch (not breakfast, let the woman sleep in). It’s one of our fondest memories growing up, even if the only thing we were entrusted with was ‘important’ tasks like don’t burn the toast duty. Plus, nothing’s more heartfelt than a gift for the stomach.

But wait – my mom has a sensitive stomach/gastrointestinal issue like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), you say. How is brunch a good idea? Is there still time to order that anti-aging cream?

No worries. This brunch lineup is made for people with IBS or who subscribe to the low FODMAP diet!

Fody Cran-Raspberry Mimosa


Luckily for mom, alcohol is acceptable on the low FODMAP diet. Also lucky for mom is she can drink at 9:00 a.m. guilt-free because hey, it’s her day.

We recommend kicking off brunch with this low FODMAP mimosa, especially if you’re not the best chef – it’ll warm her up to your cooking later on. The low FODMAP drink recipe uses sparkling wine, which is low FODMAP in amounts of 150ml per serving (5/8 cup or five ounces).

The mimosa also incorporates two favorite low FODMAP fruits – raspberry and cranberry, plus a slice of orange zest.

Follow the full mimosa directions here.

Potato, Red Pepper, and Spinach Low FODMAP Frittata


If you really want to impress mom for once in your life, gather your siblings and dad to tackle this low FODMAP potato, red pepper, and spinach frittata. Though simple enough to make solo, include the family for bonding time, and for a scapegoat in case things go awry in the oven.

This recipe’s secret is in the seasoning, employing our low FODMAP steak seasoning for our choice vegetables. The potato, red pepper, and spinach medley are nice low FODMAP vegetables that balance out the goat cheese.

Check out the full low FODMAP frittata recipe here.

Low FODMAP Cornmeal Blueberry Pancakes


If your mom prefers sweet to savory, this low FODMAP pancake recipe is a decadent wakeup call that beats any iPhone alarm.

The recipe makes for a traditional cornmeal pancakes with modern upgrades such as low FODMAP, all-purpose flour and lactose-free milk, and festooned with low FODMAP serving sizes of fresh, juicy blueberries.

When mom compliments your homemade pancakes, don’t forget to say in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie one-liner fashion, ‘Happy Flippin’ Mother’s Day.’

Get the full cooking directions here.

From all of us at Fody Foods, we wish all the moms, grandmothers, step-moms, mother-in-laws, aunts, and any other mother-like figures we may be forgetting a very happy Mother’s Day!

For more low FODMAP recipes that are good for weekdays, weekends, and holidays, check out our website for inspiring IBS-friendly food ideas.


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