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One of the hardest parts of adjusting to a low FODMAP diet plan is losing the ability to indulge at your favourite fast food places. But what if we told you that wasn’t the case? Because many national brands post their menu’s nutritional information online, you can plan ahead and find ways to reduce FODMAPs in fast food!

For instance, many places let you order a burger wrapped in lettuce instead of bread, you can even have a slice of cheese or two on top without aggravating your IBS symptoms! Because of your low FODMAP diet restrictions, you could even bring your own low FODMAP bread and low FODMAP sauces from FODY Foods!

To help you prepare for the ordeal of a complicated drive-through order, here’s a short list of IBS-safe tips for low FODMAP fast food.

Low FODMAP Breakfast Choices are Plentiful

Now that most fast food joints offer all-day breakfast, you have more low FODMAP fast food options for your low FODMAP diet plan than ever before. After all, what’s the difference between the eggs and bacon you get from home and the kind you get from Country Style? You can even get a breakfast sandwich without the bread!

Of course, you still need to be aware of the nutritional information on their website and also be on the lookout for any sauces or additives you know will aggravate your IBS symptoms, like onions and garlic.

For instance, while hash browns should be okay, make sure to ask how they’re prepared!

Avoid Bread and Fries

As mentioned earlier, your biggest enemy in the hunt for low FODMAP fast food are burger buns. You might get funny looks for ordering a cheese burger without bread, but it’s certainly better than the alternative!

When it comes to sides, you should also play it safe and avoid French fries and onion rings because of possible wheat content. Fight the intoxicating aroma of fries in the air and force yourself to order a salad without any sauces.

Bring Your Own Low FODMAP Sauces and Salads

If the thought of eating raw veggies and a condiment-free beef patty while your family chows down on Big Macs and poutines is unappetizing, there are some easy ways you can spice up low FODMAP fast food!

For instance, while traditional condiments are drenched in FODMAPS, FODY Foods offers a full-suite of low FODMAP sauces including ketchup and barbecue sauce. We also offer low FODMAP dressing to spice up those side salads, including Caesar and Maple Dijon.

If salad-wrapped burgers don’t entice you, you could bring your own low FODMAP bread like wheat- or gluten-free bread like sourdough. If the staff give you trouble over your low FODMAP diet restrictions, just explain your health needs. If there’s one thing fast food workers fear, it’s a customer with IBS!

Visit FODY Foods today to see our wide selection of low FODMAP sauces and low FODMAP salad dressing. With our help, low FODMAP fast food doesn’t have to be an oxymoron!


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