Fall in Love with these Low FODMAP Valentine's Day Recipes

You had it all planned out. You made your heartthrob all these sweet and decadent treats to show your affection on Valentine’s Day, but your head was so far in the clouds that you forgot about their food sensitivities and IBS symptoms.

Now, your partner is having me time in the bathroom when it should be we time in the bedroom *eyebrows go up and down*.

While this is still a better love story than Twilight, avoid this fate with our hearty and heartfelt Low FODMAP recipes for Valentine’s Day:

Low FODMAP Pancakes with Crunchy Nuts & Fruit Topping

If you can’t afford a rent-a-band to serenade your loved one, these Low FODMAP pancakes are the next best thing for them to wake up to.


Made with lactose-free kefir, an ingredient that’s a powerful probiotic, has antibacterial properties, and improves bone health, and topped with some low FODMAP nuts, this healthy Low FODMAP breakfast is a sweet start to the day.

Don’t forget to top your pancakes with your favorite fruits, too! Try strawberries, they’re pretty sexy. Check out the full FODMAP recipe here.

Salted Low FODMAP Chocolate Chip Cookies

A good relationship is all about balance. If you’re the ying, your partner’s the yang.


These low FODMAP chocolate chip cookies embody that equilibrium with its equally satisfying salty and sweet notes. Also, they’re just straight up delicious.

This FODMAP recipe calls for some subtle substitutions with nutrition in mind, incorporating gluten-free, all-purpose flour and dark chocolate. We also opt for brown sugar not only because it’s better for you, but because we simply enjoy the pronounced butterscotch-caramel flavor profile it creates.

Get the low FODMAP recipe for this decadent snack here.

Low FODMAP Chocolate Tart

After a romantic candlelit dinner for two, it’s time to treat your sweetheart to this low FODMAP chocolate tart.


Low FODMAP chocolate cake recipes are actually quite scarce, so don’t pass on the next best thing. We guarantee your partner will be impressed with this Low FODMAP tart featuring an easy cookie-crumb crust and rich, Low FODMAP chocolate ganache filling.

Check out the full instructions for this FODMAP dessert here.

You know the old saying – the way to a person’s heart is through his or her’s stomach. But if that stomach is extra sensitive from IBS, you’ll need the right foods to get there – check out our pantry of Low FODMAP products that are Monash-certified!