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While it may not apply to our Fody friends living in warmer climates at our headquarters in Montreal, Ontario, and Portland, Oregon, the winters are C-O-L-D. It’s the time of year that makes us want to curl up in a big ball and only leave the house in case of emergency.

Even if your winters aren’t quite as chilly, there’s still something special about the holiday season that just makes you want to hibernate and avoid leaving the house for basic needs like grocery shopping.

What’s the best part of winter, however? Bundling up, of course! Aside from layering on five sweaters and a winter jacket, now’s the time to stock up on a ton of low FODMAP foods that you can snack on throughout the winter or squirrel away for another day. Whether you’re doing some holiday gifting or just thinking ahead by buying in bulk, Fody’s low FODMAP food bundles are perfect for whatever you have in mind.

We have all your classic bundles available for purchase, as well as adding a couple of newbies (like our “Sample Variety Snack Bar” and our “Build Your Own Snack Pack.”

Low FODMAP Snacks


Our snack bundles are a great fit for school lunches and office treats, and are cheaper in bulk than they would be individually. Mix and match to choose the flavors you like or try all 4 for a delicious combo.

Low FODMAP Spices


Low FODMAP spices are hard to come by, so when you’re lucky enough to find the good ones, it’s best to hang on and grab as many flavors as you can. Say goodbye to bland meals by stocking up on our variety pack of highly-rated low FODMAP spices.

Low FODMAP Sauces

Sauce it up with Fody’s low FODMAP salad dressings and sauces. Just as tricky to find as low FODMAP spices, our low FODMAP sauces let you flavor your food without ever having to worry about those IBS-related consequences.

Feeling up to some bulk shopping? Sometimes more is more, especially when you can get more for less. Fody's food bundles help you stock up on your Fody favorites all at once!


Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade
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