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If you’re like 80% of IBS sufferers, you’ve likely missed out on one or more of life’s major events due to your condition and its uncanny way of popping up at the exact moment that you asked it not to. Not that there’s ever a good time for IBS to rear its ugly head, but let’s face it, your cousin’s wedding probably could’ve done without the uninvited guest.


| fōmō |


a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the fear of missing out.

• Evolutionary biology - an omnipresent anxiety brought on by our cognitive ability to recognize potential opportunities: The brothers had last-slice fomo as they stared at what was left of the pizza.

• (with subject) desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease.

• A form of social anxiety; a compulsive concern that one might miss an opportunity or satisfying event, often aroused by posts seen on social media websites.

(source: Urban Dictionary)

The Hard Stats on IBS and Missing Out

At Fody, we ran a survey to see how you deal with IBS and what it might mean for your social life. Some of the answers might surprise you. According to the survey:

  • 72% of participants avoided going out to eat at a restaurant
  • 27% skipped a vacation to avoid their symptoms
  • 47% were unable to spend time with friends
  • 31% missed a family event
  • 62% of respondents wouldn’t risk eating something that is known to trigger IBS, even on a special occasion
  • 16% were late to a significant milestone or event due to IBS

See full survey results here.

At Fody Foods, we invite you to stop being a statistic, and join in on everyone else’s fun instead by trying out the low FODMAP diet. It’s easy to start, even easier to maintain, and a quick way to tone down aches, pains, and a long list of other symptoms related to IBS.

Here’s another statistic for you: up to 70% of IBS sufferers have been able to partially or fully relieve IBS symptoms simply by following the low FODMAP diet. (source: the National Center for Biotechnology Information)

So next time you want to reply, “can’t make it,” say “YES” to that next event instead.

Say YES to your cat’s birthday party.

Say YES to tap dancing lessons.

Say YES to your nephew’s violin recital. (okay, maybe say no to this one, and use IBS as an irrefutable excuse)

Say YES to the Low FODMAP diet!

Fody Foods makes it easy to keep up the low FODMAP diet, with our wide range of products and ingredients.


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