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Warmer weather is upon us, and that means we are going to be spending more time outside with the grill. Whether you have a gas grill or are partial to hardwood charcoal, there is no reason you can’t enjoy grilling season while adhering to your Low FODMAP diet.

As you probably know, proteins such as red meats, poultry, fish and shellfish are all Low FODMAP meats - there's also firm and extra-firm tofu and tempeh, too - and all work wonderfully on the grill.

Tried & True - or Something New?

So, how are you going to flavor your protein of choice? Chances are that many, if not all of your favorite marinades, slathers and sauces contain garlic and/or onion and possibly other high FODMAP ingredients as well.

The trick to great Low FODMAP grilling is working with seasonings and flavorings that work with the diet. At Fody we have several products to help you, whether you are looking for a dry rub or something a bit moister.

If you have been using our Fody Low FODMAP Garlic-Infused Olive Oil and have been loving it, check out our Fody Low FODMAP Shallot-Infused Oil. The onion-y flavor of shallots is quite pronounced in this oil and you can put it to good use in your favorite marinades and sauces. There’s our Fody Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce, of course, and our Low FODMAP Steak Spice Blend works on more than just low FODMAP meats. Try it on chicken for a dry rub before you grill. Or, combine them. Slather your protein with one of our oils first, then the spice blend and your dinner will be seasoned perfectly.

And Let’s Not Forget Vegetables!

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just a vegetable lover, the grill works magic with all kinds of Low FODMAP vegetables. We like skewering vegetables for ease of cooking and serving, or use a grill basket made for vegetables; these make flipping them over easy for even cooking. Look to zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, eggplant and various colors of bell peppers as go-to low FODMAP vegetables options.

Grill Lettuce? 

Yes, lettuce! We like to halve or quarter heads of Romaine lettuce, slather them with our FODY Low FODMAP Caesar Salad Dressing and grill over medium-high heat until a bit blistered. Heaven. 

And need we point out that all these grilled items are going to be loved by everyone in the family, whether they are FODMAPing or not.

So, get out of the kitchen and take your Low FODMAP recipes (or some of our own) outdoors for a summer of great eating!


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