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If you were not prone to thinking about food all the time before embarking on the Low FODMAP diet, we bet you are now! And it can be overwhelming. As one who is following the Low FODMAP diet, we must think about every single thing we put in our mouths. So, wherever we can make something easier - like reimagining Low FODMAP leftovers in our dishes - we should take advantage. 

Cook Once, Eat Twice

One of our favorite strategies in creating Low FODMAP leftovers is making dishes that can be used more than one once, and in a multitude of ways. You can cook once, eat twice - or more!

Below are our favorite ways to stretch a meal with Low FODMAP leftovers. The initial recipe that you use should be Low FODMAP, of course, to ensure that the subsequent meals have a proper head start:

  • Roast a Chicken: We suggest roasting a chicken every week. Plan on eating it hot for dinner, then using the leftovers for chicken salad, tacos, enchiladas, soup or even simple snacking.

  • If You Are a Poultry Lover - Think Bigger & Roast a Turkey Breast: Same as above, but with even more leftover options! Turkey breasts are not just for holidays; they are an easy and excellent way to make sure that you have plenty of lean protein to play with as leftovers.

  • Boneless Roast Beef: You could go to the deli and get sliced roast beef, but many, if not most, brands use garlic and/or onion powder in their preparation - and you don’t get to have a hot roast for the main meal. Just as we mentioned above, a roast beef doesn’t have to be reserved for a special meal. A boneless roast is quick and easy; you get a juicy main meal and can then create the best roast beef sandwiches you have ever had. Great for roast beef hash or a Chef’s Salad, too.

  • Always Have Gluten-Free Corn Tortillas Handy: We tend to taco-fy everything. Take your leftover protein, be it fish, meat or poultry and scatter over warmed tortillas. Toss some shredded cabbage and carrots with some feta and your favourite Low FODMAP Salad Dressings. Top the tortilla and protein with the salad, and you have an almost-instant meal. (Read labels as many corn tortillas these days are a blend of cornmeal and wheat flour). 

  • Cooked Grains: Thinking of making some rice or quinoa for dinner? Make extra! Leftover grains make great salads and can also be used to enhance brothy soups, too. We love leftover quinoa and rice tossed with equal amounts of greens and a little dressing. Add some (canned, rinsed and drained) chickpeas or lentils (in Low FODMAP amounts, of course), leftover chicken, fish or meat, cubed firm tofu, roasted vegetables or even some grated cheese for a hearty lunch or light dinner.

  • Become a Soup Maker: Maybe you have never made homemade soup before. It is high time - and we have Low FODMAP Soup Bases for you that are shelf stable and ready to use. Many soup recipes are not only simple, but it is usually just as easy to make a double batch. Choose soup recipes that freeze well. A snack or meal will be a short microwave zap away.

  • Condiments = Variety: A condiment can raise your game. That leftover roast turkey can become a spectacular sandwich with a slather of Thousand Island Dressing. A simple roast chicken becomes more with Low FODMAP Garlic-Infused Olive Oil and a Lemon Herb Spice Shop smart and be sure to have both pantry and refrigerated condiments on hand for creative cooking.


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