FODY's Low FODMAP Diet Blog!

We know that following a low FODMAP diet plan isn't always easy. We also know how life changing it can be for the millions of people suffering with digestive distress and life altering symptoms.

Scientific studies show that of the 45 million Americans who are suffering with IBS, up to 75% of them find complete symptom relief by following a low FODMAP diet plan.

We wanted to see if the experiences of those in our community match these facts...

From the 1000+ responses to our most recent survey, we discovered a whole lot more about the different groups of people who are experiencing the incredible benefits of a FODMAP diet.

We want to share some of our findings with all of you, to help inspire those who are struggling with starting OR sticking to the diet!

The Participants

Included in our responses were those suffering with:

  • IBS-C (417)
  • IBS-D (477)
  • Colitis (36)
  • Crohn's (15)
  • SIBO (148)
  • GERD (108)
  • Fructose malabsorption (123)
  • Food allergies (299)
  • Other, including: intestinal dismobility, celiac, diverticulosis, fibromyalgia, leaky gut, gastroparesis, and undiagnosed symptoms, and more (78).

The Results

The respondents from our latest survey come from all phases of the diet:

  • 24% of you have only been following the low FODMAP diet for 0-3 months
  • 14% of you have been on the diet for 3-6 months
  • 21% of you have been on the diet for 6-12 months
  • 21% of you have been on the diet for 1-2 years
  • 21% of you have been on the diet for more than 2 years!

Of every Fodmapper included in these groups, we found that: 

  • 98% of you followed (or planned to follow) the diet closely. Not one person said they would not follow it closely at all.
  • 82% of you find following the diet very helpful for relieving your symptoms and enjoying your life without the stress of pain and discomfort.
  • 94% of you plan to continue following the diet long term.

We are here to help

  • 94%of you 'cheat' on the diet by enjoying one of your triggers once a week or less
  • Snacks and desserts are the most difficult eating occasions for you on the diet

We hear you, and have some amazing new low FODMAP products in the works that will help eliminate your desire to ‘cheat’ on your low FODMAP lifestyle. We believe that we can all smile inside and out!

- Delaney, Brand Manager of Fody Foods


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