Low Cost, Low FODMAP, Low Carb Recipes

How low can you go? Today, Fody is helping you home chefs who want to lower food costs and carb intake, and increase the deliciousness factor. Something tells us you’ll love these low FODMAP, low carb recipes that are light on your wallet too!

Low FODMAP Turkey Lettuce Wraps


What do you do when you love wraps, but the sight of carbohydrates makes you want to run in the other direction? Wrap your favorite filling in a healthy package instead!

Combine the satisfying crunch of biting down into these low FODMAP lettuce wraps with the satisfying feeling of knowing you’re doing what’s best for both your belly and your wallet. They’re packed with lean protein, too, which means they’re guaranteed to fill you up.

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Low FODMAP Frisee Salad


“Ooh lala, frisee, cranberries and blue cheese,” your guests will say when they see this fancy low FODMAP salad on the table!

Actually, it’s much less expensive than it sounds, and perfect for our Fody friends that want a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Lightly dressed with Fody’s Low FODMAP Garden Herb Dressing, it’s the perfect starter salad that won’t weigh down your wallet or stomach.

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Asian BBQ Low FODMAP Pork Kebabs


Psst…. Word on the street is, it’s finally BBQ season! Once you dust off the ‘ole Q, this should be just the fix you’ve been missing to get the garden party started. While beef and lamb tend to be expensive, pork is a great low-cost alternative that’s just as tasty. This low FODMAP BBQ recipe calls for two of our favorite sauces - Fody’s low FODMAP BBQ sauce, and our Sesame Ginger sauce make for a memorable marinade that’s low FODMAP-certified, too.

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Fody’s Pineapple Grilled Chicken


Does pineapple belong on a savory dish? In this debate of the century, we think, absolutely!

As sweet and savory meet tangy and sour, this low carb, low FODMAP chicken dish brings the flavor trifecta you’ve been missing. While your BBQ’s still hot from the low FODMAP pork kebabs we recommended, try this low FODMAP chicken recipe on for size too!

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Low FODMAP Vegetable-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash


Did someone say spaghetti? Spaghetti squash, that is! If you’re cutting down on carbohydrates, but find you can’t stop dreaming of nonna’s pasta, Fody’s low FODMAP spaghetti squash recipe should do the trick. This saucy, rich, delicious low FODMAP recipe has everything you need, plus it’s totally guilt-free.

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Are you taking us up on the low cost, low FODMAP, low carb challenge? Find all the low FODMAP ingredients you need to help you get started!