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We’ve talked about IBS and gluten-intolerance, we’ve mentioned the lactose and low FODMAP connection, but this is the first time we’re discussing low FODMAP keto recipes!

The major difference is that while the keto diet is more of a health and lifestyle choice, low FODMAP was specifically designed to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms associated with IBS.

We’re firm believers that you can dip your toes into both diets, especially since keto tends to be restrictive of many of the foods (sugars, certain starches, alcohol) that low FODMAP dieters are asked to stay away from. If you follow a low FODMAP diet and the keto diet, too, these 4 low FODMAP keto recipes are delicious proof that you can satisfy both sides. While some require minor modifications, others are good-to-go just the way they are.

What is the Keto Diet?


If you’re wondering what the keto diet is and how it works, it’s essentially a super low-carb, high-fat dieting model that is designed to trick your body into burning fat instead of  the carbs it normally burns. This state is referred to as “ketosis.” Proponents of the diet say that weight loss, higher energy levels, clearer skin, and an overall healthier state are some of the benefits of maintaining this lifestyle. The strictest aspect of Keto is severely limiting your carbohydrate intake. That means cutting down on sugar, only eating low-carb dairy products, and eliminating your alcohol intake, if possible.

And Did You Know?...

To make mealtimes a little easier for you low FODMAP-keto diet followers, don’t forget that a handful of Fody’s Low FODMAP products are also keto-friendly!

Get creative with your low FODMAP keto recipes using our keto-friendly salad dressings, marinades, and salsas!

1. Low FODMAP Keto Shrimp Tacos


This Keto shrimp taco recipe skips the carbo-loaded tortillas and swaps ‘em out with crunchy lettuce wraps instead. Choc full of protein, flavor, color, and healthy goodness, these low FODMAP tacos are bound to satisfy at your next Mexican night.  

2. Keto-Friendly Low FODMAP Roast Chicken


One little caveat for this recipe: while you can keep the chicken, you’ll have to swap out the sides in order to stay true to the keto diet. Try switching the root vegetables out with low carb veggies that can still handle the heat. Zucchini, red pepper, broccoli, bok choy and cauliflower, to name a few.

Perfect for the whole family, this whole roast chicken will look impressive in your kitchen and is super-duper easy to make. Believe it or not (you can set a timer if you don’t), you’ll only need 5 minutes to throw the whole thing together; from there, the rest of the work will be up to your trusty oven.

3. Low FODMAP Keto Grilled Vegetables


Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect side dish to complement your Keto protein, or you’re practicing the triple-threat of keto-low FODMAP-vegetarian/vegan. These flavorful low carb grilled veggies have been cleared as a-ok by our resident low FODMAP dieticians. 

4. Low FODMAP Keto Roast Beef


Since fat is your best friend on the keto diet, it’s okay to indulge in a nice fatty cut from your local butcher for this low FODMAP beef recipe. We’ve cooked our keto roast beef to a beautiful medium-rare, but feel free to adjust the recipe to whatever you like best.

We hope this veritable smorgasbord of protein-rich low FODMAP keto recipes has satisfied your palette and played fair to both your favorite diets. 

Would you like to see more recipes like these ones? Perhaps another diet you’d like to learn more about in combination with low FODMAP? Feel free to let us know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and we’ll try our best to include it in the next round!


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