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The New Year is upon us and it is almost cliché, but it is the time of year when seemingly all of a sudden, we collectively decide to “get healthy."

This can mean different things to each person, of course. For many it means weight loss, for others they vow to get their cholesterol in check. But for us here at Fody Foods, our focus is on the Low FODMAP diet. We are dedicated to helping all of you flourish by choosing appropriate foods, recipes and providing you with the information you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to embark on the diet or re-commit to your Low FODMAP lifestyle, and there are certain strategies that will greatly increase your chances of success. Here are out Top 5 Tips for Low FODMAP Meal Planning as Your New Year’s Resolution: 

  1. See a Gastroenterologist: Speak with a specialist; be screened for celiac disease and receive a proper diagnosis. If your diagnosis is IBS, proceed with our tips.

  1. Find a RDN who has experience with the Low FODMAP diet, and Low FODMAP meal planning. You can find online resource lists of registered dietitians near you, or who can provide Skype appointments if logistics are an issue.

  1. Start Small - But Start!: While the Elimination Phase, which is the first part of the diet, typically lasts for about a month, know that if the diet is going to work for you that you will most likely feel results within 1 week. If you can set your focus on that, then the diet becomes much more approachable. Just one week! Dedicate yourself to 1 week of the diet - for your health, and possibly a new you!

  1. Fortify Yourself with Facts: Here are five inspiring facts to encourage you to think about Low FODMAP meal planning this year:

  • The Low FODMAP diet will work for about 75% of those diagnosed with IBS.
  • Positive results will often be felt within 1 week. This means alleviation and possible elimination of IBS symptoms in 7 short days.
  • There are more foods that you CAN eat, than you should avoid.
  • The Low FODMAP diet is very healthy in general as it promotes portion control.
  • More and more prepared and convenience foods that are certified as Low FODMAP are available, making your Low FODMAP journey easier than ever.

  1. Find a Community: Low FODMAP meal planning is gaining momentum around the world, including many online resources. From Facebook groups and Instagram feeds to fully supportive websites, there are more and more possibilities for you to find your fellow, intrepid FODMAPers. Search out a community in-person or online and voice your concerns. Ask your questions. Get involved. We are all in this together and together we can thrive.

Let’s make 2018 the year that the Low FODMAP diet becomes as mainstream as it should. Too many people are still suffering with IBS. If you are reading this then you are ahead of the game. Our challenge to you is to make a resolution to get as healthy as you can for yourself and also to help introduce others to the possibilities that the Low FODMAP diet can provide.


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