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So you can’t cook with onion or garlic anymore, thanks to the affects they have on your stomach flaring up IBS symptoms.

That’s just perfect. Now you’ve lost a couple of your favorite cooking staples, plus the best ingredients to ward off vampires (garlic) and bothersome colleagues at work (onion breath).

Don’t worry – following low FODMAP diet requirements doesn’t mean a lifetime of dull, uninspiring cuisine. There are a number of ways to add vibrancy and zest to your dishes even without these pillars of flavor.

We can’t help you with those co-workers or bloodsuckers though.

Garlic-Infused Olive Oil

If you can’t stomach garlic, ingredients infused with garlic are the next best thing.

Garlic-infused olive oil is safe for eaters following a low FODMAP regimen, providing all that garlicky taste, but without the ‘O’ in FODMAP (oligosaccharides).

You can opt for making your own garlic-infused olive oil, but that’s like a pioneer churning their own butter – it’s a lot of work making sure all the garlic cloves don’t disintegrate, as any tiny pieces can induce IBS symptoms. Plus, you’d have to use it within a week, or you’d be at risk of botulism.

You’re better off visiting the supermarket or an online store and picking up low FODMAP garlic-infused olive oil that’s ready to use.

Spices and Herbs

No garlic or onion could be a blessing in disguise. Really, we aren’t just trying to make you feel better. Having to cook without either staple can open your taste buds to new herbs and spices you’ve never experienced before. With such a large assortment at your disposal, you’ll have a world of flexibility when cooking your favorite meals.

The following herbs and spices are some of our preferences, all certified by Monash University, founders of the low FODMAP diet:


Basil; Kaffir Lime Leaves; Oregano; Parsley; Rosemary; Sage; Thyme; Tarragon


Chili Powder; Curry Powder; Mustard Seeds; Turmeric; Paprika; Cumin; Fennel Seeds; Low FODMAP Spices (eg. Taco, Lemon & Herb, Steak)


Finally, chives can be a worthy substitute in your no garlic or onion master plan. It’s actually the best of both worlds, with mild notes of both onion and garlic. Fresh or dried chives are safe to eat on a FODMAP diet.

We have a number of low FODMAP products that’ll add some life to your meals once again, with tasty substitutes for garlic and onion including olive oils, spices, and more. Come check out our selection of low FODMAP kitchen staples!


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