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So many of us suffer in silence with IBS symptoms. During IBS Awareness Month, we ran a contest dedicated to sharing stories of our experiences with living with IBS and following the low FODMAP diet. So many of you shared your stories, and photos of your beautiful, smiling faces. This post is dedicated to those who are open with sharing their experiences, and those who may be suffering in silence. We were inspired by the support and positivity that exists in our community, and are so happy to hear that so many of you have experienced relief with an IBS FODMAP diet plan. Here's to you!


My experience went from stress and high anxiety, to confidence and loving life (and food!) once again! Following an IBS FODMAP diet plan has been a life changing experience. I have never felt better! Being a teacher, it was so hard to leave the classroom and it felt very hopeless. Following a low FODMAP diet has allowed me to gain control of the situation and not have to hide away all the time. Everyone should know there’s hope!

I'm on my second round of the low fodmap diet. The first time was by myself, but I am now working with a nutritionist to get down to the bottom of my problems. IBS is something I've struggled with since a young age. It has always been so frustrating not being able to eat what everyone else could (especially junk food as a kid!) After doing my research and finding out about the low fodmap diet, it was the best I had felt in my whole life!

I have been sick for 36 years until I started the low FODMAP diet and eating the right foods. I thank God for Fody foods for making delicious safe items for me to eat. I have more energy and loving life.

I've gone to every dr under the sun until someone suggested a nutritionist. I've been on this low FODMAP diet for a week now and I'm starting to feel normal again and my stomach is starting to look normal! I can't wait to see what the future holds.

This is my 16 year old son that has an immune disorder called X-linked agammaglobulinemia. As a result of this condition, he developed IBS about 5 years ago. Finding your product has made both my and his life a little more bearable.

I have been suffering with IBS since I was 20 (now 28). No doctor was able to give me an exact diagnosis for years. After being on a stomach pill for a year and only slight improvements I did research and found the Low FODMAP diet. I have been on it for a month and am no longer taking medication for my IBS. THANK YOU for assisting me on this difficult journey and making me smile a bit more everyday.

Switching to a Low FODMAP diet has greatly improved my quality of life and given me the ability to do more fun things with my son, like attend our favorite local soccer team's games!

The low-FODMAP diet gave that back to me. I am still amazed that a diet can be far more effective than medical intervention.

I started the LOW FODMAP diet almost a year ago. I started having digestive issues January 2017 and with no other diagnosis than IBS, even after bloodwork, CT Scan, Colonoscpoy and Endoscopy, I began a journey to "re-vamp" my diet to help my digestive system.

Grant has had issues since birth and has complete symptom relief on a modified low fodmap diet. Your products have allowed us to help him live a fairly normal toddler life (what toddler doesn’t need ketchup and bbq sauce?) and we are so thankful for how happy he is on a regular basis.

I was diagnosed with IBS nearly 2.5 years ago. I was put on the low FODMAP diet right away and it changed my life! I had been sick for 5+ years before I met with a dietician who suggested this diet to me. I couldn’t be more thankful to be able to feel healthy everyday!

The low FODMAP diet has changed my life. I'm now living almost symptom free, unless I eat something that I've discovered is a trigger for me. I have never felt better about myself and no longer have to track where bathrooms are! I'm sold on the low FODMAP diet and I've told all of my friends about this diet.

I've had a sensitive stomach for as long as I can remember, but I could never figure out why. I tried eliminating all sorts of food, but it wasn't until I tried the Low FODMAP diet that I found any relief. Through the diet, I figured out my main triggers and have been able to manage my symptoms for two years now!

I’ve had IBS symptoms as long as I can remember. I discovered the Low FODMAP diet about a year ago and, for the first time, I have not only decreased my symptoms significantly, I have also discovered a sense of control over the IBS.

I have struggled with SIBO for four years and never was able to get any answers. My profession as a musician requires a lot of crazy hours. And with all my problems, it made life hard. Once I moved to graduate school, the GI doctor in the new town finally told me what was going on and recommended the low-fodmap diet. I researched and discovered Fody food. It has been life changing and I never am worried about what might happen when I eat these products!


I went to a nutritionist who recommended the low fodmap diet for me. It changed my life, I was finally able to enjoy food again. However, it was very difficult for me because I am 19 years old and all my friends can eat whatever they want. FODY has offered me the chance to feel somewhat like a normal teenager with countless choices and good tasting low fodmap foods that normal people eat.

I found the low FODMAP diet online and then sought advice from my dietitian friends in 2016 but didn't have the courage to try it. I'm a foodie and felt like giving up eating out and all the ingredients I love would put a damper on my social life. But I finally got sick of being curled up in a ball and pretending I wasn't in pain, called a dietitian that specialized in digestive disorders and started the low FODMAP diet at the beginning of this year. With the help of my dietitian, GI doctor, low FODMAP support groups, low FODMAP companies like FODY, and all the recipe blogging sites, I've been thriving on this diet.

I’ve had IBS since I was a child. At age 60, I was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption, and my gastroenterologist recommended the low FODMAP food plan. It has literally changed my life! I no longer avoid events because of restroom issues, and I don’t wake up nauseated every single day. FODY Foods has really simplified the dietary changes. So grateful for a good physician and FODY Foods.

Working in the medical field I always put the health and well being of others before myself. I continued to ignore my health and body as my IBS got worst. After starting the low fobmap diet I feel healthy and motivated again... I’m so happy to be back better than normal!

I have suffered from IBS forever a decade and only recently was diagnosed. The low fodmap diet has helped me feel better on a daily basis and be able to live my life without worrying about crippling pain. This diet has made me be able to get more of of life by taking control of what I put in my body. I am incredibly grateful for it.

I've suffered with IBS since 2012 and as a college student you can imagine the difficulties I dealt with. Although I have learned to somewhat manage my symptoms, nothing ever can prepare you for a flare up. Thanks to Fody Foods, I am able to enjoy my favorite Italian dishes and live a somewhat normal life. I think I may have cried when I found your full spread of products at my local Wegmans. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this life changing line.

I am a Monash trained fodmap dietitian and also an IBS sufferer for the past 20 years. Discovering the low fodmap diet has been life-changing for me and I’m so excited to teach others how to navigate this diet. You foods are amazing! I am always recommending them.

I have had issues with wheat and lactose ever since I was little. About 4 years ago I was told I have IBS (later further research showed it was IBS-Mixed) and was given the low fodmap diet to follow. It completely changed my life — I was less irritable with my husband, I didn’t always feel terrible, and could attribute my symptoms to things I ate!

The low fodmap diet gave me my life back after a year of horor not being able To get out of the house. Fody helped so much with understanding ibs and giving me products that take my needs in consideration. Fody Rock! Im about To get your logo as a tatoo To show you guys my appreciation!

Throughout the past couple years I have struggled with constant ups and downs of stomach discomfort, bloating and fatigue. After consulting doctors and undergoing procedures it was finally diagnosed as IBS. I was told that this was just how I was made and I needed to learn to adapt to it. I was given information about low Fodmap diets and it completely changed my life. I realized that a lot of foods I was eating were high in fodmaps...who knew that my apple a day really wouldn’t keep the doctor away? It’s going on 4 months now and I have learned to listen to my body, read labels and finally adjust to exactly how I was made and to be the best version of it that I can be!

I've had IBS most my life, my daughter who is 29 Madison has been a lowfodmap champ for the past three years. For Christmas this year she bought me the LOWFODMAP cook book , and said Mom its time. I started in Late Feb and haven't cheated,I am beginning to feel whole again!

FODY makes it possible to always have safe low FODMAP foods and low FODMAP snacks along on my far travels. Greetings from Shanghai!

I started having a excruciating pain in college, and went to several doctors, but nobody seemed to be able to figure out what was up with my body. Four years later, I finally figured out about IBS and the low FODMAP diet. It seemed so daunting (and sometimes still does, honestly). I’ve been on this food journey for about 2 months now. It’s so hard to navigate alone, but I’ve been pain-free for about a month I’m still trying to learn certain triggers and improve my overall gut health, but I’m doing it!!! So amazing I can be basically pain free after several years of doubled-over pain.

I have been living with IBS now for a little over a year. It has been quite the challenge, as I am also Type One Diabetic (diagnosed at the age of 3.) I had just moved to Minneapolis, and started my first job out of college and could not figure out why I was feeling so Ill! Constant trips to the bathroom, vent sessions about not feeling well to my co-workers, major stomach pain, and mood swings (due to constantly feeling not like myself) while trying to adult seemed to take over my life. I had heard of IBS before, but unlike many, I truly had no idea how debilitating living with it unknowingly could be. I decided it was time to try the low FODMAP diet, and also work on getting my blood sugar levels back in check. It was time to regain control, and get my health and positive mindset back.


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