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Two of the biggest parties of the Summer are right around the corner: Independence Day (for our American friends) and Canada Day (for our Canadian friends) revolve around delicious cookouts, fun in the sun, and crazy firework shows. Sounds great, right?

It can be - if you plan right! We just have to face the facts - we are on a Low FODMAP diet that most of our friends and family do not understand, which means the best chance we have at experiencing a lovely, IBS symptom-free day is if we take some control of our diet with FODMAP-friendly July cookout menu ideas. 

Let’s break it down.

  1. Best case scenario: You host the party! This is hands down the best way to control what foods are served as you can prepare cookout menu ideas that adhere to your Low FODMAP diet.
  1. Second best choice: You provide some of the food so that you can make sure that you have something to eat.
  1. Worst case scenario: You leave everything up to chance.

Now let’s take these a step at a time.

Let’s just get #3 out of the way: Don’t do this. Don’t leave everything to chance. You will either starve for the day or more likely, eat high FODMAP foods that end up triggering symptoms. Just say no.

Now, #1 does take some planning, but it can be fun planning! You get to design your holiday cookout menu ideas with all the amazing Low FODMAP recipes that are accessible these days. You can prepare a variety of food that is going to be healthful for you AND tasty for everyone else. You can grill burgers - even cheeseburgers - low FODMAP BBQ chicken, tofu and all kinds of classic summer fare can be made Low FODMAP. Our Fody Low FODMAP BBQ Sauce is great for tofu and poultry and also dolloped on those burgers.

Consider coleslaw, pasta salad, grilled vegetables, fresh fruit salads featuring Low FODMAP fruit - all of these can be included on your table. Just use your Monash University Smartphone App to help guide choices and serving sizes.

And speaking of choices, put out a tray of watermelon slices - for everyone else! It is a very high FODMAP food and best avoided by FODMAPers, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep it off the table.

#2 is possibly where most of us will fall within the planning levels and that’s okay, too. When you choose a food to bring to a party, make sure it is fairly hearty so that even if there is nothing else you can eat, that your dish will give you some sustenance. Our Pasta Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Feta & Dill low FODMAP recipe is a perfect example! It is hearty enough to make a light meal that everyone will enjoy. It features fusilli and juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, salty feta and lots of fresh dill. You could add cubed tofu, for extra protein, if you like. Our low FODMAP salad dressings make this one super simple!

Now get out there and enjoy your Low FODMAP summer!


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