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Living with irritable bowel syndrome can be pretty, well, irritating. From having to upend your diet to the awkwardness of explaining your condition to others, no one quite understands where you’re coming from, except for other people living with IBS.

Following a good IBS blog is like having a trusted friend who commiserates with you, and gives time-tested advice, not to mention recipes that won’t aggravate your symptoms.

If you suffer from IBS, you need to take a look at these blogs about IBS and the low FODMAP diet.

A Little Bit Yummy: IBS Blog

Run by expert FODMAPs chef Alanna Scott, A Little Bit Yummy is one of – if not the best – IBS blogs around. With a mix of lifestyle content as well as delicious, easy-to-make low FODMAP recipes, this IBS blog is both informative and endearing. You could even say it’s “a little bit yummy.”

Treble in the Kitchen: Living with IBS Blog

A healthy living blog from fitness guru, registered dietitian, and Fody-certified chef Tara Deal Rochford, Treble in the Kitchen features great general wellness advice as well as nutritious low FODMAP recipes.

FODMAP Everyday

Curated by one of our main Fody Food Recipe contributors, Dede Wilson’s IBS and FODMAP diet blog is one of the web’s definitive FODMAP recipes resources.

Packed with over 500 low FODMAP recipes, as well as everything you need to know about IBS, lifestyle, and more, the FODMAP Everyday blog will quickly become one of your go-to bookmarks on your browser.

Monash University Low FODMAP Blog

The Monash University FODMAP app is one of the most important resources available to those on a low FODMAP diet, so it’s a no brainer that their own blogs about IBS are filled with informative content and great FODMAP recipes.

They also post the updates about the apps features, and answer commonly asked questions you won’t find on other living with IBS blogs.

Good news, you’re already on one of the best living with IBS blogs around! Fody Foods offers a wide variety of resources for IBS sufferers on our low FODMAP blog. And don’t forget to check out our wide variety of products and low FODMAP recipes!


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