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Summer’s winding down, signaling an end to pool parties, BBQs, and getting drinks with those mini umbrellas floating inside them.

But before you trade in your sandals for sweaters, take advantage of all the fresh, seasonal produce that’s readily available at your grocery store. And though you’ll never hear someone say you’re eating too many veggies besides kids, foodies following a low FODMAP diet understand the importance of portion sizes and intake.

Here are our favourite low FODMAP vegetables for summer meals, and our favourite low FODMAP recipes to incorporate them in.


The pride of Idaho, potatoes are a versatile low FODMAP vegetable that can be incorporated in a number of low FODMAP diets.

Mashed, baked or fried, a single low FODMAP serving size of potatoes, determined by Monash University’s Low FODMAP researchers, of 75 grams or ½ potato has no FODMAPs detected. That means you have the green light to eat to your heart’s content, or when your belt tells you you’re being cruel.

Our Favourite FODMAP Recipes:

Filled with pillowy potatoes and chopped green scallions, this low FODMAP recipe is the perfect sidekick to your grilled meat or fish entrée. Also, it includes bacon. ‘nuff said.

  • Monash University’s Low FODMAP Shepherd’s Pie

Available through Monash University’s FODMAP Diet App, this recipe is a classic Shepherd’s Pie – minced beef, carrots, zucchini, and spring onions topped with a heapin’ helpin’ of taters.

Zucchini (Marrow)

According to Monash University’s FODMAP food experts, a single 65g serving of zucchini is low in FODMAPs, and should be fine for people with a range of IBS sensitivities.

Upping the low FODMAP serving size by 10g, however, will push the Oligo-fructans levels to moderate, meaning intake should be limited if you’re intolerant to that specific FODMAP.

Fun fact: while the flower of a zucchini plant is edible (if you dare), there’s no FODMAP information about it to date.

Pro tip for picking the best zucchini: bigger isn’t always better. The most flavorful zucchini are small- to medium-sized!

Our Favorite FODMAP Recipes:

A lighter take on an Italian staple, this veggie lasagna features a sizeable portion of zucchini with cameos from other low FODMAP favourites like eggplant and squash. Don’t tell Nonna.

Our favourite low FODMAP registered dietician, Kate Scarlata’s recipe for zucchini walnut muffins have been tricking – er, encouraging – kids into eating healthy for years.


You can be honest – you’re just looking for a low FOMAP hummus carrier. We respect that.

Carrots sans hummus are still an excellent low FODMAP vegetable for the summertime, too. The flexible veggie is a perfect everyday snack with zero detected FODMAPs, or a sweet side to a more savory main course.

Our Favorite FODMAP Recipes:

Another recipe courtesy Kate Scarlata, this low FODMAP soup is the ideal partner to your lunchtime sandwich. This particular recipe incorporates kale, the trendy superfood that only takes a backseat to avocados. Those things are everywhere.

A simple recipe for FODMAPers, there’s no better way to add more veggies to your diet than by making them your go-to snack. Prep is super simple – peel the vegetables, toss in olive oil, season with sea salt, bake. Then, chow down.

Monash University says only ¼ cup of chickpeas, the heart of this low FODMAP recipe, is low FODMAP-friendly, but that hasn’t stopped us from enjoying all the deliciousness and garlicky kick a good homemade hummus provides.

All the Veggies!

Here are a few more low FODMAP recipes that incorporate a variety of fun summertime low FODMAP vegetables:

  • Tofu Vegetable Hotpot

A recipe from the low FODMAP diet founders themselves, Monash’s tofu veggie hotpot recipe includes a ton of low FODMAP favorites like carrots, zucchini, chives, and cherry tomatoes. To make your hotpot even more nutritious, try subbing the rice with an alternative like quinoa.

Not only FODMAP-free (up to three servings anyway), broccoli is a fine source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and folate. Plus, this recipe includes cheese, which has been scientifically proven to enhance everything.

Nothing captures the taste of summer like the distinct charred flavor only a grill can offer. So turn on that jumbo stainless-steel propane grill, skewer your favourites, and tuck in!

Enjoy the final weeks of summer by making the most of the fresh produce available at your local grocery stores. To inspire your summer menus, check out our low FODMAP recipes section – and come hungry!


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