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Flatulence. Petarade. Ventosity. Wind.

No, those aren’t elements found in the Earth’s atmosphere. They’re just a few of the many ways to say fart. (According to Urban Dictionary, there are 261 synonyms for butt burps.)

Unfortunately, the number of methods to control backdoor breezes is far less. This can be problematic for those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), as passing gas is one of the most common symptoms of the gastrointestinal condition.

Beeping the horn as a result of IBS can be:

  • Excessive
  • The cause of abdominal pain when it’s difficult to release
  • Odorous
  • Linked to abdominal distention (bloating) and embarrassing gut noises

How are FODMAPs and flatus linked?

A study published in the medical journal Gut compared fowl howls between healthy people versus those with gut issues, and found both groups experienced more air biscuits and stomach pain after a high FODMAP meal. But, people with IBS also suffered from higher levels of pain and discomfort.

The research concluded that high FODMAP foods lead to more tuba playing, though people with IBS are more sensitive and experience more discomfort as a result.

Different tricks to manage tail wind

  • Try a low FODMAP diet so you can identify foods that are triggering your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms (Learn everything about the low FODMAP diet here, and follow our low FODMAP diet app guide here!)
  • Exercise regularly; this helps muscles contract and toot
  • Steer clear of foods and drinks known to cause toilet tunes, such as gum and carbonated beverages
  • Slowing down food consumption reduces the amount of air you’re swallowing, thereby limiting trouser coughs
  • Just let it out! You’ll be more comfortable. Plus, it’s really the public’s problem once you’ve passed the gas of no return.

Finally, a special thanks to Urban Dictionary for the many different ways to say wrong way burping.

Manage both IBS symptoms and unwelcome cheek flappers with our array of low FODMAP products, certified by Monash University, the creators of the low FODMAP diet!


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