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Thanksgiving is the greatest! Name one other holiday that doesn’t have a mandatory gift exchange and is all about the food…we bet you can’t.

The only downside of Thanksgiving for those of us that “accidentally” overindulge in too many tempting high-FODMAP foods, is that the day after can come with a food hangover. Those IBS-induced food comas can definitely be a bit of a buzz kill, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be avoided. The best way to dodge the bullet this holiday season is to gather everybody in your home…and do all the cooking yourself (okay, we never said it was the easiest way!). You’ll be able to control what goes into the food and make sure that everything is low FODMAP, without compromising on the flavor of any of your holiday favorites.

Lucky for you, Fody’s extensive low FODMAP recipe repertoire has the holidays covered. So, sit back, relax, and let Fody take care of your low FODMAP meal plan from appetizer to dessert this Thanksgiving!

Low FODMAP Appetizers

For starters, you’re going to need to feed the people something before they get a taste of holiday turkey. Our recommendation? Keep it nice and light so that nobody’s too full by the time they make it to the second course.

Low FODMAP Salad with Roasted Squash & Kale


This festive low FODMAP salad features two of our favorite fall vegetables, squash and kale. It’s colorful and fun, and definitely a notch above your weekday greens. 

Low FODMAP Lemon Thyme and Cheese Crostini


One of our favorite uses of our low FODMAP garlic-infused olive oil, these incredible crostinis are simple to put together, but unquestionably satisfying. The quick prep ensures your family and relatives’ mouths are full (there’s less to speak about this way!), and all the time in the world for you to dote all over that turkey.

Low FODMAP Spinach-Feta Dip


Another quick low FODMAP appetizer, this spinach-feta dip complements virtually any menu thanks to its versatility; pair it with all sorts of low FODMAP snacks, from crackers to pretzels to vegetables.

Thanksgiving Dinner - The Main Event

And now…for the main event, the grand slam, the make-or-break holiday dish…your low FODMAP Thanksgiving turkey!

Citrus & Herb Crisp Whole Roast Low FODMAP Turkey


This low FODMAP recipe is sure to win over your guests and linger in their memories for years to come. Cook time may be 2-3 hours, but at least using the Fody Low FODMAP Lemon & Herb Seasoning gives you a head start and makes the prep for this turkey come together in less time than it takes to preheat the oven. This low FODMAP dinner is definitely worth the wait!

Low FODMAP Stuffed Turkey Breast


For lower key, smaller dinners, or if you want to switch things up from the classic turkey this year, this low FODMAP stuffed turkey breast is a fun spin on tradition. It’s quicker to prepare and cook, meaning your oven won’t be held hostage by a Thanksgiving bird all day. Classic flavors like cranberries and pecans are included, as well as sausage, because who doesn’t love sausage.

One-Pan Low FODMAP Chicken & Veggies


That’s right: A Thanksgiving dinner where the featured bird isn’t a turkey.

Some will say sacrilege, but we say it’s just plain delicious. Turkey’s evil cousin takes just an hour to cook with this recipe, and prep plus cleanup is a breeze considering everything is cooked in a single pan.

Low FODMAP Side Dishes

Some would argue that holiday side dishes are the best part of Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, the turkey’s pretty great, but all those little trimmings are what make the meal. Let our low FODMAP side dishes be the talk of the table, even for those of you that aren’t blessed with IBS.

Low FODMAP Stuffing with Turkey Sausage and Currants


If this image were a scratch-and-sniff, it would smell like happiness. This version is made outside of the turkey, making it fluffier and crispier than if it were made inside it. Low FODMAP and delicious, it also has a punch of extra flavor from the currants.

Garlic & Maple Roasted Low FODMAP Kabocha Squash


Besides the kale salad, you’ll need an excuse to slip some other veggies onto the holiday table. This hearty and healthy low FODMAP winter squash will hit the spot and add a pop of color to your plate. The sweetness, sourced from maple syrup, will balance perfectly with our garlic-infused olive oil, making this your new favorite low FODMAP side dish.

Vegetarian Sage & Pecan Low FODMAP Dressing


Turkey without stuffing is like having a hamburger without cheese. You can do it…but why?

This low FODMAP stuffing – or ‘dressing’, since it’s prepared outside the turkey – is ironically vegetarian. Why? Because for those so inclined, they’ll need a hearty dish at the Thanksgiving table, and dressing is a perfect choice.

Potato & Goat Cheese Low FODMAP Casserole


Thanksgiving is all about that comfort food, and you’ll struggle to find a more welcoming, homey side dish than this low FODMAP casserole. You’ll love the combination of filling potatoes, chicken, herbs, and lots of gooey cheese!

A Little Something Sweet

Fody’s Low FODMAP Pecan Pie


Because of tight restrictions on sugar intake, low FODMAP desserts can be hard to come by. To get the sugar rush without the bathroom runs, just stick with the recommended low FODMAP serving size, and you’ll be fine! Besides, this low FODMAP pecan pie is so rich and sweet, we promise that one little piece will leave you feeling satisfied.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Low FODMAP Cake


Nothing says fall like the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves. This low FODMAP cake has them all in abundance – not to mention it’s gluten-free, and amazingly simple to prepare (all you’ll need is the raw ingredients, a few bowls, and a whisk!).

This pumpkin-spice cake is an excellent low FODMAP breakfast option, too, if you can’t be bothered to make anything the next morning due to Turkey hangover.

Your Signature Low FODMAP Cocktail

Fody’s Cran-Raspberry Low FODMAP Mimosa


Did we mention that we’ve thought of everything? Well, we’ve thought of everything. After all, what’s Thanksgiving dinner without a little booze in the mix?! Fody’s cran-raspberry low FODMAP mimosa will wow the guests, scoring major points for both looks and taste. Alcohol is fine on the low FODMAP diet - just remember to limit servings to 150ml whenever possible.

Feeling that holiday spirit yet? Head over to our shop to gather the low FODMAP ingredients you’ll need for your Thanksgiving dinner and get cooking!


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