FODY's Low FODMAP Diet Blog!

Ahh the holidays! For everyone else, ‘tis the season for overindulging, but for those of us with IBS, ‘tis often a reminder of all the foods you’re not allowed to eat…until now.

With Fody’s foolproof low FODMAP holiday menu, your holidays can still be all about the food, even without the belt-busting meals everyone else indulges in.

Whether you prefer a pinch of salt or a truckload of taco seasoning, take back the season with these 5 low FODMAP meals that deliver lots of flavor and none of the nasty consequences:

1. Low FODMAP Brown Sugar BBQ Mustard-Glazed Ham


This meal has the magical ability to melt in your mouth and disappear off the dinner table. Fody’s low FODMAP twist on a classic holiday ham is saucy, tangy, and delicious. It also happens to be based on our 5-star low FODMAP BBQ sauce, so you already know it’s bound to be good.

2. Fody’s Simple Bone-In Low FODMAP Roast Beef


Another family favorite for the carnivores at the table, this beautiful creation was designed to please your palette and fit into your low FODMAP meal plan. Fody’s low FODMAP roast beef relies on garlic- and shallot-infused olive oil and a healthy dose of low FODMAP steak seasoning for a flavor profile you’ll have to taste to believe.

3. Fody’s Potato and Cheese Low FODMAP Casserole


Probably not low-calorie, but at least it’s low FODMAP and lactose-free… after all the holidays are all about indulgence! Although this version uses low FODMAP chicken soup base, you can easily make it veg by swapping it out for low FODMAP vegetable soup base instead.

4. Fody’s Vegetarian Sage & Pecan Low FODMAP Dressing


You call it stuffing, we call it dressing – tomato, tomahto. Whatever you want to call it, all it takes is one bite to fall in love with this low FODMAP holiday recipe. After all’s said and done, you can add this to a sandwich or simply have it as a midnight snack; It’s a low FODMAP side dish you’ll find yourself craving again this time next year. 

5. Fody’s Leftover Turkey Low FODMAP Shepherd’s Pie


Post-holiday meals are like an unofficial extension of the holidays; They’re just as delicious, and the hard work is already done - it’s a win-win. This low FODMAP shepherd’s pie, flavored with low FODMAP chicken soup base and herb and lemon seasoning is an awesome example of a meal you make in the lazy days between Christmas and New Year’s when all is quiet and not a soul feels like cooking.

Trying any of our low FODMAP recipes out this holiday season? You’ll need a few key low FODMAP ingredients. Not to worry, we’ve got everything you need right here.