Wicked Low FODMAP Halloween Recipes

There’s nothing scarier than the thought of being left out of Halloween eating festivities, all thanks to that IBS monster rearing its ugly head when you try to enjoy the finer candies in life.

Fear not – you don’t have to avoid Halloween candies and desserts like a vampire avoids garlic. From Low FODMAP cookies to pumpkin-inspired decadents, there are plenty of Low FODMAP Halloween recipes to satisfy the sweet tooth of you ghouls and gals.

Low FODMAP Candy

Stomach aches on Halloween should be the consequence of the volume of candy you eat, not its contents.

Everyone’s food intolerances to FODMAP foods are unique (consult your Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app for your sensitivities, as well as our guide on how to navigate the handy FODMAP tool), but the following candies are generally safe for sensitive stomachs:

  • Jolly Ranchers
  • Junior Mints
  • Marshmallows if made without HFCS or extra fiber
  • Nerds
  • Swedish Fish
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Smarties
  • Sweet Tarts

Low FODMAP Pumpkin... Everything!

The millennials in your office have probably made you well aware of all the pumpkin-spiced novelties available throughout autumn. Fortunately for us FODMAPers, pumpkin was recently added to Monash University’s Low FODMAP food list of certified foods.

After you’re done carving your Jack-o-Lanterns, use the insides to bake a Low FODMAP pumpkin pie (you can try our own Low FODMAP recipe), or try this Low FODMAP spiced pumpkin mug cake.

Both recipes are simple, homey, and capture that cozy, autumnal feel with every bite.

Low FODMAP Cookies

We love chocolate. And while FODMAP research from Monash University concludes chocolate containing varying levels of lactose are high FODMAP, small servings of white, milk, and dark chocolate have a place in Low FODMAP diets.

This Low FODMAP salt & sweet dark chocolate cookie recipe makes chocolate rain, balancing bittersweet dark chocolate with large flakes of specialty salts. The salt accentuates the sweet, making for a magical combination that’ll suit your taste buds and your gut.

Low FODMAP Cupcakes

We saved the best for last... These Mummified low FODMAP cupcakes are a perfectly wicked treat. They begin with a chocolate cupcake, covered in vanilla frosting mummy wraps, and topped with eyeballs that will see into the deep depths of your soul! Making these cupcakes is just about as enjoyable as eating them.


For more Halloween recipes & ideas, check out our selection of FODMAP products and recipes that are free of FODMAPs and bogeymen alike!